Druskos Studija (A Salty Lesson)

Druskos Studija (A Salty Lesson)

The Salty Lesson is an entertaining workshop with salt, under creative supervision of a sculptor.

The programme is suitable for various age groups. Teambuilding activities are available. Activity length: 1.5 hours. Up to 50 people can work in the studio at the same time.

Artists Aušra and Tauras Česnulevičius established the Salt Studio in 2009. In 10 years, thousands of tourists from across the world have visited the studio. Creative activities are led by artist and sculptor Tauras Česnulevičius and art critic Aušra Česnulevičienė, who has earned the title of Lithuania’s most creative guide. In 2018, the cultural and artistic workshop “A Salty Lesson in the City of Salt” was created to provide educational activities to schoolchildren.



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Smiltynų g. 9, Druskininkai 

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+370 686 45528